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d Limonène

Limonene is a terpenic hydrocarbure present in numerous essential oils from which it can be extracted by distillation .
At ambient temperature , it is a liquid without color with a brilliant smell of orange , characteristic to citrus.
Limonene is also used in the perfume industry.
D-limonene is used in the food industry and also in the pharmaceutical industry to perfume products .
It is also used in cleaning products for its fresh odor orange-lemon and for its solvent effect.
Limonene , as a renewable solvent , is more and more used in the industry.
Limonene is also used as insecticide.
Use of Limonene is very frequent in the cosmetic products.
Limonene and its derivatives from oxidation are irritant for the skin.
Sebacom offers Spanish d Limonene with a purity of 95% and > 99%.Sebacom offers also orange essential oil.

Availability in drums of 180 kg.

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